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Top 5 expensive Super Yachts

Super Yacht A

Modern yachts serve people as houses with such a variety of technologies and amenities that cannot be found in the most expensive five-star hotels. Therefore, super yachts, sports cars and mansions, are the most eloquent evidence that a person has an incredible amount of money.

It’s not only a means of travel, but also a status of a secured person. The richest people can have several yachts and they can afford to order the most luxurious and expensive one-of-a-kind yachts.

Pelorus, $300 million

Pelorus is a beautiful super yacht that belongs to American producer David Giffen and is included in the world’s 20 largest yachts. Interior design was developed by Terence Disdeal, who masterfully created on the ship the magnificent atmosphere of the palace on the beach thanks to the use of natural materials. On the yacht there are two helipads and a large gate.

Superyacht A, $323 million

This elegant super yacht was designed by Philippe Starck and Martin. The design of the yacht is made hastily, but the interior space looks airy and refined. Moreover, the interior decoration is made in high-tech style and amazes with convenience and style.

The unique design of the yacht is thought out to the smallest detail like natural wood furniture, a glass roof, two swimming pools, a helicopter platform; everything is there for the most luxurious holiday.

Dubai, $400 million

The most notable features of this super yacht are specially equipped areas for sunbathing, several Jacuzzi, a pool, tiled handmade. The interior is also decorated with hand-made mosaics, and the stunning circular staircase that leads to the upper deck has glass stairs that can change a color.

On its board can accommodate up to 150 guests, served by 60 crew members. Pools, mosaic floors, cascading waterfalls, Persian handmade carpets, a helipad and even a casino – the yacht definitely has something to offer its passengers.

Azzam, $650 million

This white super yacht named Azzam, in Arabic “resolute”.

There is a luxurious lounge and a lot of free space. The Azzam model is the largest ship in the world, it’s even longer than Roman Abramovich’s yacht.

Its dimensions are amazing. Just imagine: 180 meters are two football fields or 12 railway carriages. At the same time, the Azzam can easily accelerate to a top speed of 30 knots (55 km / h). Five hundred crew members serve for this impressive size vessel. Unfortunately, little is known about the interior decoration of Azzam, since it is privately owned, and the owner does not allow undue attention to his property.  

 Eclipse, $1.5 billion

This elegant and stylish super yacht belongs to the famous Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. This magnificent white beauty was named Eclipse and it is one of the biggest private yachts. According to information from various sources of the Internet, 24 comfortable suites for guests, two spacious pools, one ballroom and helicopter platforms are located on board. Initially, the yacht was valued at $475 million, however, its price increased to $1.12 and $1.5 billion.

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