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Philippe Starck’s Lifestyle collaborations

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a French designer known since the start of his career in the 1980s for his interior, product, industrial and architectural design that made him one of the Legends of Design.
His collaborations range over many aspects of the lifestyle industry resulting  in some of the most awesome project.

Here you can find  some of Starck’s best lifestyle projects.

Power Dock for Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

At the Geneva Motor Show 2018 Bentley launched the very first high luxury hybrid car.
This model was showcased alongside the luxury and minical recharging Power Dock by Philippe Starck.
Designed for at-home installation, this “domestic sculpture” is made using sustainable materials including pressed eco-linen, bio-sourced thermoset resin, and aluminum.
The bentley first hybrid will become available for order from the later half of 2018 togheter with Power Dock by Starck.

Port Adriano marina – Mallorca

Port Adriano in Mallorca is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean sea and an exceptional base for superyachts.
The marina is located on the south-west bay of Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands, and until few years ago has been just a docking space for yachts and speed boats.
So the group Ocibar (the island’s nautical-management company) has allocated an investment of 90 million euros and thought of Philipe Starck to redesign Port Adriano and give more space to yachts while maintaining a unique and exclusive style.
The expansion of the marina and the restructuring of its commercial area, have transformed Port Adriano into one of the reference ports for luxury yachts in the Mediterranean.
The new layout combines the best nautical structures with shops and restaurants, becoming able to satisfy an international clientele.

Starck has created a two-level structure, clean and linear, mixing concrete and slatted wood and creating an amazing staircase that leave speechless when lit from beneath. Street lights modelled on standing lamps, handsome numbered steel mooring plates and chic bollards complete the design of this artwork.

Maison Heler in Metz

Maison Heler is the first hotel fully designed by Philippe Starck from the ground up and will be realized in partnership with Hilton, for the hotel chain’s “Curio Collection”, that commissioned him to design a “habitable, surreal and poetic work of art”.
Situated in the heart of the new Quartier de l’Amphithéâtre, the structure has been imagined as a living piece of art, surreal and poetic, intended to create synergy with the nearby Centre Pompidou of Metz and will began construction in the near future.
Starcks describes this building as “an out-of-scale phantasmagoric architecture”, where a traditional 18th century Alsatian home will be placed on top of a monolithic and monochromatic hotel tower containing 119 rooms and suites.
The hotel topping house will offer guests a “poetic restaurant and lounge bar” surrounded by a rooftop terrace garden.

Juicy Salif Anniversary Limited Edition

Juicy Salif is a citrus fruit squeezer designed by Philippe Starck in 1988 and produced by the Italian company Alessi.
A true icon of design, symbol of the production of this designer but also of Alessi itself, this squeezer is just as revolutionary as it is surprisingly functional. It was outlined in its essential features by Starck during an holiday in Italian Riviera, on a pizzeria napkin.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary, this iconic piece of design has been reimagined in a commemorative Limited Edition cast in bronze of only 299 numbered copies.

Mi Mix 2 for Xiaomi

A special collaboration of Starck in the tech industry was with Chinese Xiaomi to create the Mi Mix 2, a revolutionary smartphone with a ceramic body that represents Xiaomi’s efforts in pushing ahead with the use of ceramic.
Starck designed a product at the peak of dematerialization and in harmony with the world.
It has a beautiful ceramic back, which features a four-sided curved design that transitions smoothly into the aluminum frame.
It even comes with a Special Edition, which has a ceramic unibody — a first for any smartphone.
It has a 5.99 inch screen with a 18:9 full screen display which deliver a stunning appearance with the screen almost entirely filling up the front surface perpetuating the natural vision of the eyes.
This project by Starck has been welcomed in the permanent colelction of the Centre Pompidou – French Centre of Arts and Cultures – conciling art and technology.

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